Companionship Is Comfort

Aaraike offers its residents a senior’s residence that is set up with companionship and safety in mind.

Our spacious, well-lit, and well-ventilated rooms are all double or triple-sharing—this ensures that company is present when it is desired and that there is always someone present to watch out for emergencies and alert staff immediately

Every room has a TV with cable access, attached bathrooms that are regularly and thoroughly cleaned, and ample storage space for residents’ belongings.

Dining Facilities

The common dining area in our senior living home is clean, spacious, and well-kept. Residents can take their meals in this bright, airy room and spend time socializing with each other over a cup of hot tea.

Tranquil Surroundings

Bangalore has long been called a Pensioner’s Paradise. We have attempted to preserve some of that utopian spirit even in our choice of location. Aaraike’s location balances reasonable proximity to the city with safe & pollution-free surroundings.

Surrounded by farms, retreats, and resorts, the environs that Aaraike Old Age Home is located in are tranquil and entirely pollution-free. Our residents can take a peaceful walk in the lush lawn adjacent to the retirement home or stroll down the walking path in the evening to take in the cool air without being disturbed by noise or air pollution.

The well-tended garden is a sight for sore eyes and the events’ space can be reserved in advance and used to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions with your loved ones.

24/7 security ensures that our residents are perfectly safe no matter the time of day.

The location of Aaraike Old Age Home has been chosen keeping in mind both the requirements of our residents and their need to see loved ones on a regular basis.

Our senior living home is close enough to the city proper to ensure that all the necessary services are easily accessible. Family members and friends will also find that the location is close enough to visit easily on a regular basis.