About Aaraike

About Us

Aaraike Old Age Home is the result of over 22 years of experience in serving those less fortunate through a not-for-profit foundation known as ACES (Ambigara Chowdaiah Education Society).

ACES was founded in 1993 by Prakash M Ambigar and catered to orphans, the destitute, and people with mental disabilities. Working tirelessly for the upliftment of the disenfranchised, Prakash Ambigar believed that any betterment of their conditions must begin with shelter and food.

Mallikarjun P Ambigar, Prakash Ambigar’s son, grew up internalizing his father’s service mindset and now carries forward the legacy established by his father. By providing senior citizens with a place they can spend their golden years, Mr. Mallikarjun seeks to provide comfort, companionship, and care to those who might otherwise not have these in their lives.


To establish a home for the aged where they will be able to live a life free of concern. A place where they will never be lonely; will never feel a lack of company. A place they can truly call home.

Surrounded by their peers, we envision that senior citizens will be able to lead a life of dignity at Aaraike Old Age home.


To provide care that goes beyond the merely adequate—care that is tempered by a service mindset.

Aaraike Old Age Home is equipped to address any needs that senior citizens may have. Everything from security, company, engaging activities, to surroundings that foster tranquility in one’s mind.

Founder Profiles

Mallikarjun P Ambigar

Mallikarjun Ambigar was engaged in service from a very young age. Having watched his father strive to provide less fortunate souls with the basic comforts of food and shelter for around 25 years of his life, he learned what it means to spend one’s life engaged in doing good without expecting anything in return.

Upon reflecting on ways to carry on his father’s legacy in a sustainable way, he landed upon the idea of running a home for the elderly—a place where they would never want for anything. A place they could truly call a home away from home.

And so Aaraike Old Age Home was born. To this day a fundamental service-mindedness governs every project that Mallikarjun Ambigar undertakes.

Prakash M Ambigar

From 1993 to 2015, Prakash Ambigar ran ACES. He staunchly believed that ‘Honest Service Is Virtuous Work’.

This ethos led him to strive, every day, to provide orphans, the mentally challenged, and the destitute with comfort, food, and shelter.

He blazed the trail that his son now follows with a song of service in his heart and the light step of one who knows that he is engaged in virtuous work that his father would approve of.