Caretaking That Is Truly Elder-Centric

Warmth, Companionship & Compassion
We are taking the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously in light of the effect it has on the elderly. All standard Covid-19 precautionary measures are taken to ensure both safety and an optimal senior living experience.

Daily Staff Thermal Scans

Masks Used By Staff

Hands & Equipment Regularly Sanitized

The Aaraike Experience

Aaraike is a carefully structured living experience. We ensure that our residents will never feel like they are in a hospital or a hospice. We have created a place where they can hold their heads high and spend their time in the company of their peers. If you’re looking for a senior citizens’ monthly payment retirement home in Bangalore, your search might be at an end.
Senior citizens, after having earned their retirement, often have to face myriad issues—everything from a lack of companionship due to diminished social interactions to issues with their mental & physical health from being unable to adjust to the breakneck pace of life in cities.

From the basic fact of social isolation, other problematic issues can cascade and turn their golden years—years that should be spent in comfort and peace—into an uphill struggle.

We, at Aaraike (which means ‘caring’ in Kannada), are trying to make a tangible difference in the lives of at least a handful of senior citizens at a time. We seek, primarily, to address the sense of isolation that many elders feel by providing them with a space that they can call home—a space filled with bustle, laughter, and caring.

Aaraike (ಆರೈಕೆ) Cares for You

Luxurious Home For The Aged

Our Amenities

The Aaraike Experience

Aaraike (ಆರೈಕೆ) means ‘caretaking’. We believe that care is a multifaceted endeavour & one that is best approached with a service mindset.

At Aaraike, caretaking is a holistic undertaking. Our residents do not have to settle for simply having their physical or physiological needs met.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as being a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. We wholeheartedly subscribe to this definition and use it as a framework when we are engaged in caring for our residents.

The location of Aaraike Old Age Home has been carefully selected to ensure both accessibility to the city—to allow loved ones to visit easily—and our residents’ welfare.

Peaceful surroundings and proximity to important facilities like hospitals make Aaraike one of the best senior citizen homes in Bangalore.