Our Ethos

Service in every aspect underscores our practices and approach towards elder care and assisted living. At every step of the way, we take our residents’ needs into consideration and seek to ease them into their golden years.

We are keenly aware that while life used to ‘begin at 40’, it truly begins at 60 when goals have been accomplished, children settled in with families of their own, and now all that is left is to reap the rewards of a life lived well.

Aaraike is not merely a retirement house, it’s a retirement home.

Aaraike’s Aspects of Care

1. Physical Wellbeing

As the body grows older, people grow more susceptible to a number of potential health complications.

We take a preventative approach to these complications and work with our residents to ensure that they remain in good health through a care regime that is comprehensive while being gentle.

A retirement home with 24/7 medical support will allow both the residents and their families to breathe easy knowing they’re in good hands. Our staff ensures that everything from diet to medication is planned and overseen with the utmost care.

2. Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is an often overlooked aspect of elder care.

Not so at Aaraike Old Age Home.

We are keenly aware, thanks to our years of experience in the field, that mental wellbeing is crucial to overall health.

We take a measured and subtle approach to fostering mental wellbeing by keeping our residents engaged throughout the day with various activities and ensuring that they get fresh air, wholesome food, and fulfillment at this long-term care home.

3. Social Wellbeing

If mental wellbeing is an often overlooked aspect of elder care, social wellbeing is even more so.

The effects of isolation can be psychologically devastating on senior citizens.

At Aaraike, we ensure that our residents are able to take comfort in the presence and company of their peers. They are able to form lasting friendships that will keep them engaged and entertained in their retirement.

It is on the strength of these bonds that our residents begin this phase of their lives. All our rooms are double/triple sharing to ensure that our residents are never lonely.

4. Safety

From the choice of location to 24×7 security on the premises, Aaraike is as safe an old age home as they come.

Small medical issues are immediately addressed by our nurses at no extra cost to the residents.

All our staff are experienced elder care professionals and have been thoroughly vetted before being recruited. They share our founder’s ethos of care and compassion.

The location of our senior citizen home in Bangalore has been chosen keeping in mind the proximity of nearby hospitals.

We also have an ambulance on the premises which can be used in case of emergencies.

5. Customized Care

By taking into consideration any special needs that our residents may have, Aaraike staff seeks to provide every resident with the specific care they need.

Medication needs are kept track of by our staff and dispensed on time and without fail.

Food allergies and other dietary restrictions are kept in mind while preparing our menus and adhered to consistently to ensure that our residents’ health is bolstered by a diet of hygienic and healthy food.

Other needs that residents might have are also taken into consideration while caring for them, allowing them to lead their lives with dignity and grace.

Our retirement home in Bangalore is meant not just to be a place of residence, but a home that our residents will be happy to call their own. Compassion marks all our efforts and we strive to make our residents realise that this space is truly theirs.

The Caretakers

Caring for the elderly is an involved process and one that we love engaging with. All our staff are highly trained, certified when applicable, and have plenty of experience with elder care.

  • A doctor specializing in elder care visits the residents (once a week or when required) to ensure that they are in good health.
  • We have qualified nurses working around the clock in shifts. All the nurses on our staff are qualified professionals with experience in elder care.
  • The attendants, who are also present on the premises 24/7 are compassionate souls with plenty of prior experience in approaching the care of seniors with a service mindset and patience.
  • The instructors we hire to keep our residents engaged with stimulating activities are, when applicable, certified.

Dietary Details

If the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, our residents have even more cause to love their stay at Aaraike Old Age Home.

Our cooks ensure that the food they prepare is fresh, hygienic, healthy, and delicious. Any dietary restrictions that our residents might have are taken into consideration and catered to with care.

Healthy Breakfasts

Our cooks prepare a variety of delicious breakfast dishes—a different one every day—to keep our residents’ palates engaged and their bodies healthy.

Wholesome Lunches

Lunch is usually a light meal of healthy ragi balls with various sides and irresistible sambars to ensure easy digestion and optimal amounts of energy.

An Early Dinner

A dinner of rotis and flavourful sides is served a couple of hours before bedtime to give our residents plenty of time to digest the meal before they turn in for the night.

Tea, Coffee & Snacks

A hot cup of tea and healthy snacks are served as a pick-me-up in the mornings and early evenings.

The food is prepared to stimulate the palate and be easily digestible to ensure that it has only beneficial effects on our residents’ health.

A Sharp Mind Is a Happy Mind

To ensure that our residents are healthy and both mentally and physically engaged, we have a number of facilities that they can use to keep their minds sharp.

These include:

  • A well-stocked library.
  • Fresh newspapers every day.
  • A large collection of indoor games.
  • Regular (low-intensity) yoga & sangeetha classes, along with other similar group activities.
  • A space for outdoor games.
  • A picturesque walking path for leisurely strolls.